Not just any Parisian apartment, this beautifully preserved space belonged to late Parisian socialite and actress Madame de Florian. The mortgage was being paid for over numerous decades, yet she never returned during all that time, leaving it not only unoccupied, but also completely untouched since 1942. Continue reading for more pictures.

My Modern Metropolis reports that “it was during World War II that de Florian initially fled her opulent abode in an effort to escape a Nazi raid. Never to return to her home, which is now deemed a Parisian ‘Time Capsule’ apartment, the luxurious woman’s heirs decided to make an inventory of her apartment when they discovered its preserved interior and the many treasures inside. One such gem included a painting by renowned 19th century Italian painter Giovanni Boldini. The painting featured a woman in pink who is now revealed to be de Florian herself.”