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InstaFire may look like a bag of small rocks, mixed with some wood chips, but this is actually a fire starter that can be used in nearly all weather conditions. Just pour the contents into the desired place, light a match, throw it into the pile, and you’re ready to go. Rain or snow? All of the pieces are coated with waterproof material, and offer a 15-minute burn time as well as a 30-year shelf life. Get some here now. Continue reading for a full video review. Click here for more pictures of InstaFire.

“Each pack of InstaFire fire starter will light up to four fires in all types of weather, including 30 mile-per-hour winds, rain and even snow. Place the contents of a pack of InstaFire fire starter under your wood, and light the fire starter with a match or lighter for a hot, even flame without flare-ups. InstaFire fire starter burns at nearly one-thousand degrees-hot enough to light wet wood. Besides being nontoxic, the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer that will nourish the earth. The fire starter is not a combustible fuel that can explode spontaneously,” according to the company. More information.

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