Rimac Concept One

H/T: Uncrate

There’s the Tesla Model S, and then Rimac’s Concept One,a full-electric supercar. This vehicle uses four permanent magnet electric motors, one in each wheel, to produce a combined output of 1088hp / 1600 lb-ft of torque, enabling it to go from 0-62 in just 2.6-seconds, with a 186mph top speed. The central location of the motors were strategically placed for perfect weight distribution and a low center of gravity, while the carbon-ceramic braking system is perfect for stopping on a dime. Click here for more pictures of the Rimac Concept One. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“And all of that power and speed comes from lithium-ion batteries and electric motors, which Rimac estimate are good for a 372 mile range. The company is almost too much of a cliche to believe; it started out as the dream of a 26-year-old from Zagreb. Who, despite coming from a country without a long heritage of car manufacturing, managed to pull together not only a fantastic idea, but also built a prototype,” reports Digital Trends.


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