It’s that time again, time for another episode of “Will it Blend?” with Blendtec founder Tom Dickson. You’ve all seen what one of these industrial-strength blenders can do to an iPhone 4, now check out just how quickly it reduces both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III to dust, literally. Continue reading for the video.

5 Interesting facts:

  1. One of the most famous Will it Blend? creations is the “cochicken”, which is half of a chicken (cooked, usually rotisserie) blended with 12 fluid ounces of Coca-Cola (without the can). Although the show’s example was blended with the bones, a boneless version was made on NBC’s Today and served to Meredith Vieira.
  2. Popular fan requests for the show include blending either another blender or a crowbar. It is highly unlikely that either would blend, and this probably means that neither would even be attempted, because of the nature and purpose of the show – marketing Blendtec products. A demonstration video featuring the anticipated crowbar was interrupted by a cell phone, to which Dickson responds by stuffing the entire crew’s cell phones into the blender and blending them instead.
  3. On the April 3, 2007 episode, Dickson placed a camcorder in the blender, giving viewers a first-person look inside the container while being blended. Shortly afterwards, the production team, Kels Goodman and Ray Hansen, attempted to return what was left of the camcorder to Best Buy, with no success.
  4. On the July 10, 2007, episode, an iPhone played the video intro before being blended. The resulting remains of the iPhone (which consisted of powder and a mangled metal frame), along with a brand new Blendtec blender and a DVD compilation of the commercials, were put up for auction on eBay and sold at US$901 (which was given to charity). This was repeated with an iPhone 3G on the July 11, 2008, episode, with the eBay auction including a “Will It Blend” t-shirt, an autographed jar (holding the blended remains of the phone), the box the iPhone came in (including the earphones), and a brand new Blendtec Total Blender.
  5. One of the most extreme episodes featured Dickson placing six Bic lighters in the blender. In a matter of seconds, the mixture of butane, metal and plastic ignited into a ball of fire inside the container. The scene was exaggerated by the addition of nuclear explosion film footage before one of the production crew sprayed a fire extinguisher on the still-operating blender.