While game consoles provide humans with hours of entertainment, they’re just too advanced for your dog(s) to enjoy. Introducing CleverPet, a simple interactive game console that teaches your dog new skills through a reward system: receive a treat when it does something right. As it learns, the dog will levels up, with each challenge becoming progressively more difficult. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Dvice, “CleverPet works with an app that allows you to set up the dog’s interactions with the device, customizing its gameplay. The console uses behavioral science algorithms that rewards your pooch when it successfully learns something. There are three pads that respond to your dog’s touch, and the algorithms adapt to your dog’s learning speed and you can keep up with how well it’s doing via an app. There’s even a microphone that lets you listen to your dog’s barks and a speaker that lets you tell your dog, ‘good boy,’ when it successfully completes a challenge.”