SpaceIL Lunar Lander Israel

Israel’s SpaceIL Beresheet robotic lander managed to capture an incredible video of a lunar sunrise as it zips toward the moon. This footage wasn’t just recorded for the internet’s enjoyment, but rather will be used to calibrate its equipment ahead of the moon landing. “Sunrise video from Beresheet. From the spacecraft’s point of view. In the video, earth can be seen hiding the sun & then exiting the same shadow created by the Earth and the sun’s exposure. This process creates a kind of sunrise image!,” said SpaceIL on Twitter. Read more for a video selfie the lander captured of itself.

“Initially, the mission ran into a snag in space when an engine did not fire as it was supposed to, to send the spacecraft to the moon. But Beresheet recovered from the glitch; after computer resets and other troubleshooting, the engine fired as planned on Feb. 28. SpaceIL was one of the entrants for the Google Lunar X Prize that was supposed to land the first commercially funded spacecraft on the moon,” reports