ISS Crossing Moon Sun
Photo credit: Andrew McCarthy
Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy from Sacramento, California managed to capture two amazing images of the International Space Station crossing the Moon and Sun from his backyard as well as some other local areas. For those who don’t know, the space station orbits Earth approximately every 90-minutes, or in other words, each 24-hours, it comes into view about 16-times. With that said, it’s still quite tricky to get the perfect weather conditions to capture clear images of the ISS. Read more for additional pictures and information.

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It doesn't get much cooler than this. Yesterday morning after spending hours scouting for the right location, I set up my gear on the side of a road hoping to capture something I've never seen before. The iss, illuminated by daylight, transiting a razor-thin crescent moon. Something about the way the illuminated ISS straddles the crescent gives it a sense of depth lacking in my previous transit shots. This was captured by recording high framerate video during the pass, and stitching together a full mosaic of the moon after the pass was completed, which was then blended with shots captured before the sun rose to get the "Earthshine" you see on the dark side of the moon. A print of a partial crop of this will be available in my main gallery, and digital downloads if you'd like to print this yourself. Check the link in my bio. If you would like to learn how to take these shots yourself, a full write up of how I captured this shot will be shared to my patreon later today.

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To capture the Moon image above, he spent hours scouting for a good location, and decided to set up his gear (two telescopes) on the side of a road. Shortly after, he spotted the ISS, illuminated by daylight, transiting the crescent moon. It was captured using high framerate video during the pass, and then stitching together a full mosaic of the moon once the pass was completed.

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