Electric Volkswagen Beetle

It looks like a 1958-1966 Volkswagen Bug on the outside, but under the hood? It’s a zero-emission, 100% electric-powered vehicle by San Diego-based Zelectric Motors. Owner David Benardo sources parts from EV West, a shop specializing in selling components for high-performance electric race cars, and then installs two lithium-ion battery packs on the Bugs – one under the front and another behind the backseats, thus replacing the gasoline engine with a Zelectric drivetrain. Continue reading for three more videos and additional information.

“With zero emissions, ranges up to 110 miles on a few bucks worth of electricity, and no need for oil, these cars are obviously environmental warriors. But ZelectricBugs also feature top speeds of over 90 mph, and when you much less than a Nissan Leaf, well, that’s highway-passing power you just wouldn’t get from a 1966 Bug in 2015. The exteriors and interiors are all spruced up while still maintaining that vintage vibe, including ceramic heaters for instant heat,” Hi Consumption.