Jaguar Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels fans rejoice! Malaysian businessman Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman, CEO of Financial Genius Group, has been turning heads around Kuala Lumpur with his Jaguar S-Type covered in 4,600 Hot Wheels toy cars. He’s been collecting Hot Wheels ever since he was 13, and now is the proud owner of a 5,000 car collection, of which 4,600 are prominently displayed on his car. Rather than installing a tacky body kit or other expensive aero parts, these miniatures were added to make it stand out. Continue reading to see three more bizarre vehicles.

3. Tractor with $2,000 Sound System

Tractor Sound System

You’ll definitely know when Murat Karlioglu from Turkey drives into town on his tractor, as he’s spent over $2,000 on a custom sound system. Why? Well, he loves listening to music as he works in the fields, so he decided to install one on his work vehicle, complete with powerful speakers, tweeters, a large sub-woofer and sound amplifiers.

2. Homemade Lamborghini Reventon

Homemade Lamborghini Reventon

Oleg Hrycak is a sports car enthusiast from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, and has always wanted a Lamborghini Reventon. So, he spent four years building his own version of the $2-million supercar. It’s based on the chassis of an old Audi A8 sedan and features a custom fiberglass body, while keeping the 4.2L 300hp powerplant. Yes, it still has scissor doors to keep the Lamborghini look.

1. Liddiard Wheel Car

Liddiard Wheels

Forget the hassle of parallel parking, and say hello to cars with Liddiard Wheels. Invented by William Liddiard, this set of omni-directional wheels can be bolted onto any car, enabling it to move in any direction, spin 360° and slide into a parking space with ease. “Unlike other omni capable wheels, my wheels do not require the vehicle to be built around them. This is a world first bolt-on application for anything with wheels. They are stronger, faster, and more accurately controlled than prior art. They can take a beating. The tires can have the same build characteristics (siping, grooves, rubber compounds etc.) as regular tires. Now you can drive in all directions, and turn on the spot, when needed,” said Liddiard.

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