Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

First there was Jamstik, now Zivix has unveiled the new and improved Jamstik+. It’s essentially a guitar MIDI controller that uses natural guitar frets and strings, rather than switches and piezo sensors. It offers a wireless BluetoothSmart connection for compatible iOS devices to make connecting simple. Don’t know how to play? The included apps will guide you from how to hold a pick correctly to creating your own song. Continue reading for two more videos, the Kickstarter page and more information.

According to Zivix, the makers of Jamstik: “The jamstik+ senses where your fingers are before you even pluck a string. And the infrared sensors in the fretboard detect the precise variations of your fingers so you get instant feedback and there’s no delay between what you play and what you hear, just like a traditional guitar.” Kickstarter page.


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