Japan Alfa-X Fastest Bullet Train

Japan has already begun testing ALFA-X, the world’s fastest bullet train, ahead of its 2030 launch. Featuring a 72-foot-long aerodynamic nose, it’s touted as being capable of achieving speeds up to 224mph and consists of ten carriages. This silver bullet comes equipped with an air brake as well as a conventional brake on the roof controlled by magnetic plated near the tracks, while dampeners and air suspension keep things stable for passengers. Read more for another video and additional information.

“Japan plans to introduce riders to another bullet train, the Shinkansen N700S, in 2020, but that will max out around 300 kph. While the ALFA-X should easily surpass that top speed, it won’t come close to catching Japan Railway’s experimental maglev train, which reached 603 kph in 2015. Still, the ALFA-X will advance Japan’s legacy of groundbreaking bullet trains,” reports Engadget.