JetSurf Jet-Propelled Surfboard

Unlike other surfboards, the JetSurf combines technology with surfing. Powered by a two-stroke 100cc engine, this carbon fiber surfboard can reach speeds up to 40mph, and has a 45-mile fuel tank capacity, giving riders a solid 1.5-hours of fun out on the water. You control the throttle with an electronic leash, and there’s an emergency kill cord if things get too extreme. It was designed by ex-F1 engineer Martin Sula of the Czech Republic. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“The Jetsurf weighs a mere 30 pounds, making it considerably lighter than a jet ski. The company bills it, in fact, as the only motorized water vehicle that’s compact enough to take with you during travels as personal luggage, which makes it very convenient to bring along. It comes in three models: Ultra Sport, Factory and Pro Race. All three have similar designs, with carbon fiber and Kevlar construction,” reports CoolThings.

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