Inside Out Umbrella

Unlike other umbrellas, the KAZbrella features a patented inside out design, similar to that of a flower opening. This method leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when it’s closed, preventing leakage. You’ll also be able to open and close it in confined spaces, without accidentally hitting someone. It’s double-spoked and extremely strong, making it great to have in strong storms, and should it get blown inside out, restoring it back to its open shape is as easy as pressing a button. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.

The campaign page states: “We believe in quality and have used high standard materials, from the aircraft-grade aluminium shaft to the lightweight fibreglass spokes. The premium double canopy is made from breathable fabric. It has hydrophobic coating, causing water to bead and roll off the canopy rather than being absorbed into the material.” Kickstarter page.