From afar, this looks like any old phone charger, but open up the computer it’s wirelessly connected to, and you’ll see that it’s recording everything you type. Called KeySweeper, this gadget sniffs out every key you type on specific Microsoft-branded 2.4-GHz wireless keyboards released before July 2011. When it’s unplugged from the wall, the device looks like it powers down, when in reality, it just switches to battery power while continuing to log and transmit data. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“On the upside, most brand-name wireless keyboards sold today use encryption methods that are a bit tougher to crack. Logitech, for example, uses 128-bit AES on all of its wireless stuff. Samy estimates that each unit would cost $10 to $80 to build, depending on what sort of features you want (ditching the SMS support, for example, brings it down by about $45) – but is quick to note that he’s not actually selling these,” according to TechCrunch.