Best KITT Replica

Photo credit: Chris Blasius

Knight Rider fan Chris Blasius was obsessed with K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) ever since it debuted on the show, thanks to its many high-tech features, or at least during that time: molecular bonded shell, turbo boost, voice synthesizer, pursuit mode, silent mode, surveillance mode, seat ejection system, and more. So, he decided to spend 2,000-hours and $50,000 building the world’s most accurate replica. “I told my parents at the age of 6, that I will own KITT someday. I actually begged them to buy me a new 82 Trans Am, and save it for me, until I could drive, because they were still new then. They said I would grow out of it…but I never did,” said Blasius. Continue reading for another video tour and more information.

“In fact, he went a step further and made this replica easy and secure to drive, unlike other KITT cars that have been known to feature sub-par steering. We suggest you watch the entire video in order to see all that went into making this car truly special. In the end, the owner says that he wouldn’t consider selling it for less than $100,000. The funny thing is, to some people, this car might actually be worth a lot more,” according to Car Scoops.