Lamborghini Thermochromic Paint Job

Thermochromism is basically the property of substances to change color due to a change in temperature. When when this is applied to paint jobs, some crazy things can happen. Even an appearance by a superhero isn’t out of the question, and German artist Rene Turrek has released a video showing his latest project: a heat-sensitive Lamborghini Gallardo that appears purplish at first, but reveals a “cap-tastic” surprise. Continue reading to watch.

“As the temperature goes up, the pigment in the paint becomes colouless, revealing the base coat underneath.Unfortunately, as anyone who grew up in the 90s and owned a Hypercolor T-shirt knows, the effect fades once the paint is exposed to too much sunlight. In order to keep these cars with their magical color-changing abilities, they would need to be stored in a dark garage. But these superhero paint jobs also come at a super-high price – at $400 a pint, coating a whole car in thermochromatic paint could set you back thousands of dollars,” according to Mail Online.

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