Land Rover Defender Beast

East Coast Defender has just revealed the Land Rover Defender Beast, which took home the People’s Choice Award at Florida’s Festival of Speed. This iconic 4×4 is not just a looker, but has the power to back it up in the form of a Corvette-sourced LS3 Performance engine, tuned to handle any terrain. Despite its size, this beast can hit 60 MPH in just under 7-seconds, thanks to Ashcroft drive shafts and axles to handle all that power. Continue reading for a video teaser and more information.

“There’s also an upgraded Terrafirma suspension to ensure the Beast can reach its top speed and brake effectively. In the interior, the Beast hosts hand-stitched leather throughout, a premium eight-speaker JBL entertainment package, Corbeau racing seats, a PUMA dashboard, and MOMO sports steering wheel to boot. The Defender also has a push-button shifter that replaces the traditional lever shifter, offering split-second shifting capability with the push of a button,” according to HiConsumption.