The LAPD responded to an alarm at a video game developer studio last Thursday, where they saw an armed suspect in the window. However, that armed suspect really wasn’t a person after all, and was actually a statue of a character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Continue reading for the news report.

This all took place in LA at game developer Robotoki’s office. The story goes as follows: The company installed a new security system that had an ‘armed threat’ panic button. When pressed the police would be notified of, well an armed threat. So come last Thursday evening, the team over at Robotoki were all going home for the night when an unnamed employee saw a mysterious new button in the office. Of course he felt the need to press it.

He then promptly left the studio, and Robotiki head, Robert Bowling was left alone in the office. A little back story on our friend Robert here. He worked on CoD:MW2 and was given a statue of one of the games characters, Ghost, as a gift. This statue stands in the window of Robotoki’s office overlooking the street.

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