Lawnmower Tank
Photo credit: Jason Hibbs
If you pass by the home of Jason Hibbs on Morningstar Road in Millersburg, Oregon and see him driving a tank, it’s not what you think. His Bourbon Moth company builds custom furniture, while his wife Cara Hibbs owns and operates a home-based custom print textiles company called Oh Little Rabbit. This pandemic hit them both hard, so the idea popped into his head when mowing the grass one day. Read more to see it in-action and for additional information.

It all started with him bringing the lawnmower into his shop and then 2x4s to a metal frame. After some days, the tank-shape started to show, and then birch plywood was used to form the box-like look. A gun turret was added to make it look as authentic as possible, while PVC pipe was used to create a potato-shooting cannon.

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I had several orders when the COVID-19 virus hit and everything kind of got put on hold. I am not good at not doing anything and one day, while I was mowing the grass, the idea of turning the mower into a tank popped into my head. We attached the tracks to the lawnmower’s rear wheels and the tracks actually move. Since the lawnmower is a zero-turning radius model with two control levels, it operates much like a real tank,” said Jason.