Sony Reon Pocket Air Conditioner
Sony crowdfunded their Reon Pocket air conditioner last year, and just this week, it has gone on sale in Japan. Rather than a tabletop device, the company opted for one that can be tucked directly under a special shirt with a slot at the back of the neck. The wearer then uses a smartphone app to control the temperature, as the device is designed absorb or generate heat. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Sony’s Reon Pocket crowdfunding campaign last summer generated ¥66,000,000 ($612,000 USD) in a single week, and due to this, they decided to mass produce the device instead of only giving backers a chance at owning one. The device itself is priced at ¥13,000 ($121 USD) and shirts are ¥1,800 ($17 USD). Fujitsu General already has their own portable cooling device on the market that wraps around the neck. However, this one is only available to be leased to businesses for workers at sites without air conditioning.