Apple fanatics have probably seen one too many iPhone 5 videos where nothing more than the exterior shell is shown, but we finally get a first glimpse at an early prototype being turned on. Continue reading for the video (power on happens at 2:41) and more information.

However, the user is unable to get past the ‘connect to iTunes’ messages on the screen, suggesting that while they may have the handset, they may not have a cable – or are concerning about Apple tracking them should they connect it to a PC to activate it. It is believed the new handset will use a new type of display called an in-cell panel that allows the handset to be thinner.

So far, purported leaks of the phone’s casing have been circulating, but the company has declined to comment or confirm on the device’s updates. There was a public outcry when it was revealed that the next iPhone would get a new docking port connector. The newer, slimline port means that thousands of current Apple accessories will need a potentially clunky adapter to work with the ‘iPhone 5’ – or their devices will become unusable.