Leatherman Tread

First came the Leatherman Wave, now the company has unveiled the Tread, which is basically a wrist-worn device that packs 25 different tools incorporated directly within its links. Each of the Tread’s 11 links incorporate 2-3 tools; there’s box wrenches, drivers, a cutting hook, glass breaker, screwdrivers, hex drives, and the clasp even comes with a built-in bottle opener. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

“Leatherman plans to release the basic version of the Tread this summer (Northern Hemisphere) in silver or black, with a version that includes a Swiss-made waterproof watch coming in the fall. Official pricing has yet to be announced, although the company estimates that the stand-alone bracelet will sell for US$150 to $200,” reports Gizmag

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