Monster 24K Headphones

Photo credit: ChipChick

Monster 24K Headphones might look like they cost a thousand dollars, but these can be head for under $270. Featuring swiveling ear cups, ControlTalk Universal, which lets you conveniently switch between songs and incoming calls, along with a loud aggressive sound profile. The ear cups are made of plush memory foam that provide ample room inside the circumaural (around-the-ear) design for your ears to breathe. Plus, there’s a detachable cable that connects to the left ear cup, and the package includes an extra wide coiled cable for DJs. Product page. Continue reading for a video review, more pictures and additional information.

According to Mike Bitter of GStyleMag, this is the bottom line: “The 24K’s are a solid set of headphones audio wise aside from being a fashion statement. Are they worth $300?, Well that’s up to you and your budget. I have a pair and I must say I do enjoy these headphones, I like the sound and I�m a flashy New Yorker so I love the look with that gold so Monster didn’t really have to sell these headphones to me. That�s what these headphones are all about just the fun of having them, bumping that good music and that’s that.” More information.

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