Weird SkyMall Product

SkyMall, the famous in-flight shopping catalog, filed for federal bankruptcy court protection in Phoenix on Friday, seeking a court-supervised sale of their assets. During their heyday, SkyMall catalogs could be found in the seat-back pockets on just about every airline flight. Xhibit (parent company) Chief Financial Officer Scott Wiley said: “With the increased use of electronic devices on planes, fewer people browsed the SkyMall in-flight catalog. The substantial increase in the number of air carriers which provide Internet access, and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s recent decision to allow the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing, resulted in additional competition from e-commerce retailers and additional competition for the attention of passengers, all of which further negatively impacted SkyMall’s catalog sales.” Continue reading to see some of their strangest items ever.

SkyMall Strange Products


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