LEGO Gift Wrapping Factory
Sure, manually wrapping presents is a far simpler task than building a machine out of LEGO to do the job, but the novelty of this creation alone was time well spent for “The Brick Wall”. Back in December, this LEGO extraordinaire built a simple gift wrap machine, and now, it’s been scaled up to factory size. It measures 72-inches in length, 20-inches tall and 28-inches deep, powered by 19 motors, along with 4 Buwizz (remote control), and a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 core set. Read more for a video.

This version is also able to accurately measure exactly how much paper to slice up, depending on the box size. When those calculations are determined, the factory gets to work, eventually taping everything up, just like a human would. Unfortunately, there are speed limitations due to it being a LEGO creation, but if nothing else, it’s definitely a conversation starter.

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