LEGO Ideas Caterham

The LEGO Ideas Caterham Seven 620R is modeled after its real-life counterpart, and it can be picked up for just $55.01 shipped, today only, originally $79.99. Features a removable nose cone, engine and engine cover, and an opening boot containing four axle stands. Place the car on the axle stands to remove the wheels like a mechanic. Product page. Continue reading for a hands-on video review and more information.

Create a LEGO version of the Caterham seven 620R, a custom-built sports car with an unashamed old-school vibe. Power steering? no chance. Electric windows? forget it. The Caterham seven is definitely not for the faint-hearted – luxury is for wimps! remove the nose cone, engine cover or engine to take a closer look at the authentic details More information.

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