Lenovo Smart Cast Projector Phone

How about a handset with a built-in projector that transforms any surface into a touch display? Introducing the Lenovo Smart Cast. It’s the world’s first smartphone with an integrated laser projector. When the phone is propped up on its kickstand, “surface mode” is activated, and the projector beams a variety of virtual keyboards or even a full touchscreen onto the surface in front of it. You can play a virtual keyboard, games and much more. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“While there have been a few smartphones on the market with built-in projectors – notably the Samsung Galaxy Beam – these have focused on replicating the features of a standalone projector and allow users to watch video content on a much larger screen. While Lenovo’s Smart Cast smartphone does allow this, more interestingly it can be adapted to project a touchscreen on to a desk to allow users to use a virtual keyboard. In a video demonstrating the technology (above), Lenovo shows the Smart Cast smartphone using a kickstand to stand the phone up independently before flipping the lens to project on to the desk,” reports IB Times.

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