LG V50 ThinQ Dual-Screen Smartphone
The LG V50 ThinQ was officially unveiled earlier this year, and unlike all the other folding smartphones, this one boasts a case accessory called the “LG DualScreen”, which contains a second, 6.2-inch 1080p display panel that’s powered using pogo pin connectors on the phone, but communicates wirelessly. Since it’s removable, you can easily stow it inside a bag or even pocket when not in use. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

On the outside, the V50 looks almost exactly like the V40, but with a flush rear camera and a 5G logo that lights up in different colors depending on the carrier. This smartphone features a 6.4″ (1440 x 3120) P-OLED display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 system-on-chip, an Adreno 640 GPU, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, microSDXC expansion, a triple rear camera (12MP [standard], 12MP [telephoto], 16MP [ultrawide]) setup, a dual front-facing camera (8MP [standard], 5MP[wide]) setup, and a 4000mAh battery.