LEGO fans who love The Legend of Zelda rejoice! Brick master Remi has built a life-sized version of Link’s Hylian Shield entirely from LEGO pieces. While the exact number of bricks has not been disclosed, it will definitely be a conversation piece amongst BrickCon attendees this weekend. Continue reading for more pictures – bonus video and interesting Zelda facts included.

Five interesting facts:

  1. Outside of a few rare instances, Link is the most mute video game character ever, right up there with “Tetris”‘s L-block and the little square from “Adventure.” Sure, when cartoon Link debuts in “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” he shouts “come on!” to beak-nosed bird girl Medli, and he often yells unintelligible battle cries, but otherwise he keeps his mouth shut and his eye on the prize, which more often than not is saving Zelda’s skin. Oh, and for the sake of argument, we’re completely ignoring those Philips CD-i Zelda games that made us want to punch the TV in the vain hope Link would feel it.
  2. There is a character named “Error”. Ok, well his name is actually supposed to be Errol, but thanks to a programming error (heh) he became the stuff of legend. Back in the day, video games were typically translated poorly from their native Japanese to English. And since the industry wasn’t the multi-billion-dollar giant that it is today, these localization issues were rarely addressed or even noticed by publishers — even Nintendo. “I am Error” went on to become an Internet meme, a phrase jokingly passed between gamers in the know and even made its way onto T-shirts.
  3. One of Link’s most trusty side weapons, the boomerang has appeared in virtually every Zelda game to date. However, giving a green-tunic-wearing elf, who is able to cast magical spells and has a sword that shoots energy bolts, a boomerang does seem strange. It’s like giving an Army Ranger a BB gun. Luckily, Link often has reason to use the weapon as it stuns certain enemies and retrieves far away items. We wish actual boomerangs could do that; we’d use ’em to fetch sandwiches and bottles of alcohol.
  4. The catchy tune that began in glorious 8-bit MIDI format in the NES classic is revered by gamers worldwide. Right next to the original “Super Mario Bros.” song (which itself is the video game equivalent of the “The National Anthem”), it’s nostalgia in musical form — an ode to a simpler time full of beeps and boops. You’re probably humming it right now, aren’t you?
  5. When Nintendo first showed off what would become the Gamecube’s first Zelda title, “The Wind Waker,” it featured a realistic Link squaring off against a noticeably badass Ganon. Suffice to say, gamers got stoked. When Nintendo officially announced the game, however, a great deal of that hype died due to a drastic departure from the early footage. A cel-shaded world where Link was a little kid? Gamers cried foul, but mostly just cried. “How could Nintendo do this to the series? It’s about an elf fighting land-crawling octopi to rescue a princess from a man-pig. The graphics should be dark and gritty, not this cartoon shit!” The game released to rave reviews even as it divided the fanbase.

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