Light Affects Shutter Speed
Most cameras today do not need manual adjustments to compensate for an increase or decrease in light, but rarely do we capture this in-action, that is until…now. A Reddit user yesterday posted a video of a ruler being flicked off the edge of a table, first in the shadows, and then in sunlight. In areas with less light, the camera automatically slows the shutter speed to gather enough light, while the opposite is true for well-lit areas. Read more to see the effect of this transition.

“When the ruler is moved into the sunlight, the camera switches to shooting with a much faster shutter speed since less time is needed to properly expose each frame. This results in a sharp ruler in each frame without the motion blur, allowing us to see the rolling shutter effect clearly. And the vibration frequency of the ruler lines up with the camera’s frame rate in such a way that the ruler’s motion looks like a strange slow-motion wobble,” reports Peta Pixel.

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