Light Rider 3D-Printed Motorcycle

APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus, has created a 3D-printed motorcycle, called “Light Rider”, one in which they tout as “the world’s lightest motorcycle.” At just 77-pounds with the electric motor, the 13-pound frame is held together with a web of aluminum alloy powder that they call “Scalmalloy”. Despite its weight, this material has nearly the specific strength of titanium, especially when multiple layers are fused together. It has a top speed of 50mph and will cost $56,095 when released. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The complex and branched hollow structure couldn’t have been produced using conventional production technologies such as milling or welding. Advances in additive layer manufacturing have allowed us to realize the bionic design we envisioned for the motorcycle without having to make any major changes. With these technologies, the limitations facing conventional manufacturing disappear,” said a company representative.