Linear DOOM Mod
The Linear DOOM Mod by DeXiaZ is available now on ModDB, Linear Doom squeezes all the game’s levels from beginning to end into a single action-packed hallway. Though it’s still possible to the left or right, nearly all of the gameplay, including the demons and secret switches, have been packed into a straight line. “No more “there the hell I must go now?”. JUST GO FORWARD. This mod contains only 3 episodes. I suppose that episode #4 must be released few years later after Linear Doom 2,” said its creator. Read more for a video of it in-action and the download link to try it out yourself.

“All of the walls from the original 3D spaces are still present; they’ve just been flattened into a new kind of especially hellish dimension. It’s easy to get up and running. All you need is a copy of Doom, the GZDoom software, and a copy of Linear Doom downloaded from ModDB,” according to Kotaku. Download it here now.

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