Loop Industries Plastic Waste Packaging
Trying to contain the plastic waste that eventually makes its way to shared rivers, oceans and ecosystem today is a major challenge we face today. Eventually, long-term solutions must involve finding alternatives to plastic, but until that happens, there’s Loop Industries. This Quebec, Canada-based company has an innovative up-cycling technology, which uses a process called depolymerization that requires no heat or pressure to deconstruct plastic waste. Read more for a video and additional information.

After depolymerization, they remove any impurities and reconstruct the building blocks into food-grade PET plastic (meets FDA requirements for food contact). How does the service work? Customers first have to make an account on Loop and then fill up a basket online. In the US, items arrive via UPS in a Loop bag, and as customers go through products, they fill up the totes with the empties. The packages don’t need to be washed before a UPS driver picks up the tote. Customers can choose to either keep repeating the cycle or opt out and receive their deposit back.