LimeBike Scooter Freeway
Dashcams can be a life saver when on the road, whether it be for capturing accidents or vandals, but the last thing you’d expect to see while driving on the freeway is probably an electric scooter. That’s exactly what this driver captured during rush hour in Dallas on the I-35E. Believe it or not, Dallas’ dockless vehicle ordinance does not prohibit scooters from being operated on the interstate, but they should be used on streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or lower. Read more for the footage and additional information.

Fortunately, Governor Greg Abbott said that “action is needed” to prevent similar incidents after viewing the footage, while the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department was unaware of Monday morning’s incident. Since it’s technically legal, there was no clear action for authorities to take, if any. A Lime spokesman responded and stated that the incident was unsafe and that riders should not take the scooters — which can achieve speeds of up to 20 mph.

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