Largest Rattlesnake

H/T: Gizmodo

You haven’t seen a large giant rattlesnake, until you’ve laid your eyes on this monster, discovered by an Arkansas man. This 8′ 9″ western diamondback rattlesnake was found on his property in West Hartford and bit at least two of his dogs, killing one. He dispatched of it afterwards using a small revolver, and the pictures of the snake were widely shared on social media. Continue reading for another picture and more information.

Giant Rattlesnake

“According to the Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center at the University of Texas, that snake was captured in Cedar Hill, Texas and measured 92 inches overall. It is commonly believed that western Texas has some of the largest western diamondbacks. Further to the south, the diamondback holds a fearsome reputation as the single most dangerous snake – in terms of human fatalities – in Mexico. Part of this is due to the snake’s aggressiveness. Western diamondbacks are one of the few rattlesnakes that will stand their ground when threatened and if the rattling fails to discourage its foe, the snake will strike. Their venom carries a 10 to 20 percent fatality rate if untreated,” reports Outdoor Hub.