Michael Paul Smith Cars

Photo credit: Michael Paul Smith

Canon’s PowerShot SX610 HS is a great camera, but in the hands of artist Michael Paul Smith, it becomes a magical tool. He’s spent the past 28-years creating Elgin Park, and it’s unlike any other city you’ve seen, as he takes miniature models, diorama sets and photographs them using forced perspective to create the historical scenes. Being a professional model maker by trade, his models are intricate enough to be photographed up-close without issue. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

“What’s also great about his Elgin Park collection is that the magician is willing to reveal his secrets. Smith’s Flickr gallery often pairs his brilliant illusions with a picture that breaks their carefully arranged perspective and reveals how he managed to blend reality and his imagined history. His pictures are an excellent example of how art can be used to fool the eyes,” reports Bored Panda.

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