Severed Spinal Cord

Darek Fidyka, a fireman paralyzed from the waist down after his spinal cord was completely severed in a tragic knife attack, has regained the ability to walk thanks to an experimental cell transplant by British scientists. Though some victims of partial spinal injury have recovered, a complete break was generally assumed to be irreparable, that is until…scientists in Poland used cells from Fidyka’s nose to re-grow nerve cells which were then inserted into his spine, repairing the broken link. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“A year after surgery – and large amounts of physiotherapy at the rehabilitation center in Wroclaw – he could walk with the aid of parallel bars and using a walker with short calipers supporting his ankles,” says the Daily Mail. Professor Raisman adds: “The observed wisdom is that the central nervous system cannot regenerate damaged connections. I’ve never believed that. What we’re doing is repairing the motorway.”