Mark AR Virtual Graffiti Google
Built upon Google’s Persistent Cloud Anchors platform, Mark AR is a mobile app that lets you create digital artwork that will be visible to other users in a specific location using augmented reality technology. This app, which made its official debut at New York Comic-Con 2019, was created by iDreamSky and Subway Surfers developer Sybo. In the hands of talented artists, the sky is the limit, and we could soon see AR masterpieces all over the world once the app is released. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Before the official launch in real cities, its creators will demo the technology at more pop-up exhibits. They want to ensure that the people using the app are playing safe, and how determining the best method to scale their business to a national launch. What happens after you download the app? Users log in with real names, likely through Facebook Connect, so when they create art, the location can safely be shared amongst friends, family, and followers. Thanks to Google’s ARCore platform, all of the GPS and computer vision data is stored and used as anchor points, so when art is shared, a thumbnail will appear on a map for others to find as well as visit.