Prusa MINI 3D Printer
Not all 3D printers are created equal, and Prusa Research’s Mini is one designed for all ages. Featuring a build plate area of 180mm x 180mm x 180mm (7-inch x 7-inch x 7 inches), it’s significantly smaller than its predecessor, the Prusa Mk3s, and features auto bed leveling, a removable powder coated PEI sheet, which hold the print firm, and a small, full-color LCD to control your printing, all controlled with the company’s brand new custom 32-bit Buddy mainboard with silent 2209 Trinamic drivers. Read more for two videos, including one showing how to print your very own mini drone.

This model now comes with an Ethernet connection, which allows you to print remotely and set up multiple printers, making it easy for small businesses to mass-produce parts. Users also have the option to buy a filament sensor, while USB input makes it easy to transfer designs and more. How much does it cost? A mere $349, which is a bargain for the features it has.

Our goal was to make an ideal mix of streamlined and simple, compact and capable. And the MINI is the result: a printer we wanted and needed for ourselves. Our print farm is a great example of where the MINI can stand out,” said the company.