Mars Crater

Researchers have discovered an “alien plughole” on Mars with an enormous slab of water ice just beneath the crater, measuring 130-feet thick, that defies explanation. “There have been a lot of climate changes between now and the tens of millions of years ago when we suspect the ice was put there. But it shouldn’t be stable today, and other past climates of ice instability in this region mean the ice should’ve sublimated away into the dry Martian atmosphere by now. So, that’s what we need to investigate.What kept the ice around all this time? There’s no climate model that we have now that explains this,” according to Shane Byrne, associate professor in University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. Continue reading for another video of Mars anomalies.

“The slab, which covers an area equivalent to that of California and Texas combined, was spotted by NASA’s Mars. Reconnaissance Orbiter, or MRO. Terraces can form when there are layers of different materials in the planet’s subsurface, such as dirt, ice or rock. Unlike Earth, Mars doesn’t have a large moon to keep it stable. Instead, it wobbles on its axis, and that wobbling leads to dramatic climatic shifts,” reports Mail Online.