Maxx Force Six Flags Great America

Maxx Force, the fastest launch coaster in North America, has opened at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. Also the world’s fastest and tallest double inversion roller coaster, it can rocket you to 78 miles per hour in under 2-seconds as the ride vehicle turns upside down with a zero gravity roll at 60 miles per hour. This roller-coaster utilizes compressed air-powered technology to rocket you out of the gate at such high speeds so quickly. “When it went off, you couldn’t even move (your head) forward. It was just too fast,” said Grant Davis, 14 and from Gurnee, about the physical effect of the launch. Read more for two POV videos and additional information.

The roller coaster was designed by Utah-based S&S — Sansei Technology, and as mentioned previously, uses the release of compressed air to propels a train filled with 16 passengers forward from a standing start to 78 mph in just 2 seconds. “I didn’t expect it to be that fast when it launched. That was surprising. (It) was like a rocket launch,” said 14-year-old Jacob Block of Gurnee after being among the first to ride the steel roller coaster.


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