Metroid 64 Fan Project Unity 3D Mega Man Legends
This Metroid 64 fan project is the game that never was, or the sequel that should have been released for the Nintendo 64 following Super Metroid. Game designer Yoshio Sakamoto was pondering creating Metroid 64, but after holding the N64 controller in his hands, he just couldn’t imagine how it could be used to move Samus Aran. So, for him, it was too early to take dive head first into a 3D Metroid at that time.

Metroid fanatic and game designer Luto Akino wanted to make Metroid 64 a reality, so he decided to fire up Unity 3D. However, he decided to make this game in third-person, similar to Mega Man Legends. In this short teaser, we see Samus Aran running around a cave system shooting at rocks with her arm cannon. On the bright side, Luta does plan on releasing this game to the public once it’s finished. Let’s just hope that Nintendo does shut down Metroid 64, like they did this Metroid Prime 2D fan project.

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