Microsoft OpenAI Elon Musk
Microsoft announced today that it will partner with Elon Musk-founded artificial intelligence research company OpenAI to build AI technology for their Azure cloud. It will be used to address issues in climate change, healthcare, education, and other big issues facing the world. However, their ultimate goal is to create Artificial General Intelligence, a human-like AI that you’ve probably seen in science fiction movies and TV shows. Since being founded in 2015, OpenAI has created technology that helps computers understand language, train robots for simple tasks, and of course, defeat humans in the computer games, like Dota 2. Read more to see the Dota 2 match and for additional information.

OpenAI is moving to Microsoft”s Azure cloud exclusively for developing and running its software, since both companies carry a shared vision around Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This partnership would make sense especially since Microsoft acquired XOXCO, a software product design and development studio that is known for creating AI robots.

“OpenAI and Microsoft’s vision is for Artificial General Intelligence to work with people to help solve currently intractable multi-disciplinary problems, including global challenges such as climate change, more personalized healthcare and education,” said the press release.