Microwave Laser Oven Conversion Transformation
Inventor Drake Anthony, also known as Styropyro, has been known for his outrageous laser creations, and his latest project is definitely no exception. Simply put, he takes a 900-watt microwave and transforms it into a powerful laser oven that you probably shouldn’t be messing with at home. This all came about when Drake discovered that a microwave only operates on a half-wave basis, delivering power 50% of the time. His full-wave conversion consisted of doubling the high voltage transformer and rectification diodes, but the magnetron failed in unspectacular fashion. Read more to see the laser conversion that ensued.

For those aiming to try this at home, you’ll be hard pressed to find some of the parts that he uses as his sources are not named, including the laser array modules that produce those ultra powerful beams. Now the big question is if it’s still functional, and the answer to that would be an astounding yes. Whether it be breakfast snacks or steak, this laser oven is capable of cooking things to a crisp, literally.

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