Midnight Scoop

Let’s face it, scooping ice cream fresh out of the freezer is a tough task to say the least. Introducing Midnight Scoop, a nifty gadget invented by aerospace engineer Michael Chou that’s designed to push the scoop away from you, bringing the power of your arm and chest muscles into play. It’s taken about two years for the $49 scoop to go from design to reality, made from a coated and forged aluminum alloy. Continue reading for a video, the Kickstarter page where you can pre-order one, and additional information.

Here’s what Chou has to say, “I designed the scoop to rely on something that never runs out – mechanical force supplied by the arm and chest. My background in aerospace engineering has made me familiar with mechanical forces. But more importantly I am a father, and that has made me familiar with ice cream! I decided I needed to come up with a simple way to scoop hard ice cream without melting it, and without creating some overly-complex product that would break eventually.” Kickstarter page.


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