The photo above (top) was taken by National Geographic photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols who journeyed to the Sequoia National Park in California. Utilizing a custom rig system made from ropes, Nichols and his crew raised a camera so that they could take shots of every part of the 247-ft-tall, 27-ft-wide giant over the course of 32 days. In the end, he stitched together 126 individual photos to create the final image. Continue reading for a video and more information.

MyModernMet reports, “At over 3,200 years old, the President has stood witness to millennia of history�and it’s still growing. The tree is one of the fastest growing trees ever measured, accumulating more new wood each year than much younger trees, proving that ancient trees still have plenty of life and energy left. With the sequoia’s tough bark, healthy crown of leaves, and increasing growth rate, you can bet that this tree will still be around for centuries to come.”

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