Extreme Close-Up Eye

Here are some mind-boggling macro shots of the human eye, captured by Suren Manvelyan. His photographic interests span from portraits to creative photo projects and the traditional landscape shots. Suren’s photos have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers in Armenia and worldwide, but his “Your Beautiful Eyes” project is currently the most viewed project of all time on Behance. In addition to photography, he also teaches physics, mathematics, projective geometry and astronomy at the Yerevan Waldorf School. Continue reading for more interesting images.

14. Picasso’s “Women of Algiers (Version O)” Sold for $179.4-Million

Picasso Women of Algiers

13. Giant Icebergs in Antarctica

Icebergs in Antarctica

12. ISS Crew Watches “Gravity” on New Screen

ISS Watching Gravity

11. Guy Climbs Out of 30-Story Apartment Building to Clean Windows for Mother’s Day

Window Cleaning High-Rise

10. Behind Alex Trebek’s “Jeopardy” Podium

Alex Trebek Podium

9. “Jeopardy” Set with the Lights Off

Jeopardy Lights Off

8. Arcadia Stage at Glastonbury

Arcadia Stage Glastonbury

7. Canadian Supreme Court Judge Uniform

Canadian Supreme Court Judge Uniform

6. Football (Soccer) Commentator Cheat Sheet:

Football Commentator Cheat Sheet

5. Ring Made from Sanded Down Skateboard

Skateboard Ring Sanded

4. Shaq Meets Captain America (Chris Evans)

Shaq Captain America

3. Murrine Glass Art That Can Be Sliced Like Bread

Murrine Glass Art

2. Pizza Dog

Pizza Dog

1. Why Fingerprint Identification was Needed

Fingerprint Identification Needed

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