Minecraft NVIDIA RTX Ray-Tracing Gameplay
Minecraft has been described as one of the most influential and greatest video games in history, thanks to the ability for players to use a variety of different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX ray-tracing technology, which uses real light sources to accurately illuminate the environment, gives this title a modern visual makeover while keeping the same aesthetics as the original. Read more for an extended gameplay video of the ray-tracing on Minecraft.

NVIDIA and Microsoft wanted to make the game feel more realistic without giving the textures a photo-realistic look. For example, having light reflect in glass, shine through holes in the ceilings, or just a natural glow around objects. The difference will not be apparent immediately to those who aren’t familiar with the game, but by switching between RTX and non-RTX lighting, the modern visuals become glaringly obvious.


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