For people who need a caffeine jolt in the morning or crave a strong cup of Joe when on the go, Minipresso is your go-to gadget. Unlike other portable coffee brewing systems, this one doesn’t require batteries or external power, but rather on users pumping the device to brew the coffee to their liking. It utilizes coffee grounds or capsules along with precisely 2.4 ounces (68ml) of hot water, which is poured into its main chamber. Continue reading for a video of the gadget in-action and more information.

The Daily Mail reports, “The Minispresso machine creates coffee at 116 psi, which is the same pressure produced by traditional espresso machines. It doesn’t use compressed air or coffee cartridges because experts say they blow cold air into hot water. Instead, the device uses a semi-automatic piston to inject small quantities of water into the coffee adapter.After a few pushes, the optimal pressure for extracting the coffee is achieved and ‘a rich and bold espresso is extracted,’ the company says. Users can pump the machine 13 times for a tiny shot of coffee, 18 times for espresso and earn a double espresso by pushing the pump 28 times.”