MIT Mini Cheetah

MIT has been known for their robotics projects, and they’re latest is definitely no slouch. They’ve developed a new mini cheetah, and it’s the first four-legged robot capable of doing a backflip. This 20-pound limber quadruped can bend and swing its legs wide, enabling it to walk either right side up or upside down. Plus, it can also trot over uneven terrain about twice as fast as an average person’s walking speed. Read more for more interesting images.

15. Majestic

Matsumoto castle reflecting off the water is just …….. wow

14. The More You Know

All of humanity except for Michael Collins in this photo

13. Not Lava

Rio Tinto, Huelva, Spain 

12. Taoyuan, Taiwan

Vampires lair ?

11. Creepy Yet Beautiful

a wasps nest grew into an old wooden statue

10. Can’t Unsee

Now I can’t unsee this. Weird.

9. Just Being Honest

Well Google does helps

8. Oddities

Weirdest to coolest: Some most unique buildings ever from around the world!

7. Stringy

I made a string art portrait out of a continuous 2 km long thread

6. Cozy

There's no living like shipping container living.

5. Handmade

Steam-bent walnut, plywood, & brass bench made for Motiva Enterprises lobby.

4. Mechs

LEGO mecha builds and modular hangars

3. Under Construction

Historic things being put together

2. Relics

Forgotten Gaming by Filip Hodas

1. Awesome Case Mod

The ammo can PC is complete!

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